Who is Josh Rowe?

Josh RoweWelcome to the personal blog of Josh Rowe from Melbourne, Australia.

The imperative for organisational change will never stop. Furthermore, it has become increasingly linked to how organisations respond to globalisation, digitisation and disruption and manage important conversations around corporate social responsibility, governance and, and sustainability. Making decisions and leading businesses with the principles of integrity, collaboration, accountability, respect and excellence has never been more crucial.

Over the last 25+ years, I have been proud to give organisations, their people, stakeholders and customers a voice as not only a leader in their field but as values-led agitators and disruptors. From digital transformation at Australia Post and Medibank, to building start-up REALas.com, I have exercised my professional and personal commitment to improving the outcomes of our communities, our consumers and businesses at large.

Most recently, I have played a leading role in helping ANZ Bank to realise its mission of providing simple, value-add services to customers, and in doing so, shape a world where people and communities thrive. With a focus on organisational effectiveness, improvement and development, I have proudly built a market leading capability, pioneering a technology business management strategy returning millions of dollars in value to the bottom line.

I enjoy building my professional network. Feel free to contact me via LinkedInFacebook and Twitter.

What I write here are my views. If you want the opinion of the various organisations I am associated with then please ask them for it.

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