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Never Lose Your Glasses Again - Unloseable Sunglasses

Never Lose Your Glasses Again – Unloseable Sunglasses

Never Lose Your Glasses Again - Unloseable SunglassesNever Lose Your Glasses Again – Unloseable Sunglasses

For 100 people.

Tzukuri – a startup business – are looking for 100 passionate users to help them refine and test our glasses before they’re available to the public.

At the end of the testing period, you will be allowed to keep the glasses.

Using beacon technology and the world’s tiniest solar panel you are able to track where you last had your glasses via a smartphone app. Plus it automatically sends a series of alerts if you leave them behind.

Register to be part of the 6 week program beginning July 28.

Check if you’re eligible.

Uber Eats Melbourne Review + Promo Code $20 off

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What is my Uber rating?

When you finish an Uber trip you rate the driver from one to five stars.

The Uber operations team use this rating to manage the quality of their drivers.

What you might not know is the Uber driver also rates you – the Uber rider – from one to five stars.

Here’s how to find out your Uber rating:

  1. Open the Uber app
  2. Select the home icon (looks like a hamburger)
  3. Select Help
  4. Select Account
  5. Select I’d like to know my rating
  6. Select Submit

The screen between step 5 and 6 reads:

After each trip, riders and drivers are given the opportunity to rate one another based on their trip experience.

The rating system works to make sure that the most respectful riders and drivers are using Uber.  Ratings are always reported as averages, and neither riders nor drivers will see the individual rating left for a particular trip.

You may learn your average rating by tapping Submit below.


If you haven’t tried Uber yet, here’s some Free Uber Credit to get you going.

If you’re already on Uber and still hungry for more statistics, then find out how many rides, distance and time you’ve spent in Ubers.

PS My Uber ride rating is 4.88 for my 543 rides with a total of 7,523 kilometres. flips recruitment on its head has arrived in Australia and is flipping traditional recruitment methods on their head.

Hired brings job offers to you.  It’s a marketplace where companies make you job offers.

If you’re an employee, you provide your profile details.  Hired makes it super easy to transfer your existing LinkedIn profile or CV across.

If you’re an employer, you let Hired know what kind of people and skills you’re after.

Hired takes care of the rest by matching up the best employers with the best candidates.

Companies on Hired are looking for:

  • Software engineers (web & mobile)
  • UX/UI designers
  • Data scientists
  • Engineering managers
  • DevOps engineers
  • Product managers

Hired believes it will benefit the following employer roles:

  • Hiring Managers
  • HR
  • Internal Recruiters
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Execs – CEO/CTO
  • Founders


RIP: Largest Social Media Network Founder

The creator of the world’s largest social media network has died.

A short Facebook post from Vint Cerf shared the sad news.

The largest social media network is not Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp or YouTube.

The world’s largest social media network is Email with;

  • 4.6 billion email accounts globally,
  • shared between 2.6 billion users,
  • that’s 1.7 accounts per user

Ray_TomlinsonThe person who invented email was Ray Tomlinson.  Ray sent the very first email in 1971 and was something like “QWERTYUIOP”.

RMIT University gave me an email address in 1992 – – suddenly I had an online identity and could communicate with others worldwide via email and through “newsgroups” on “usenet”. Newsgroups allow threaded discussion between people all around the world on topics of common interest.

For 24 years email has been my primary social network.  I bet it’s yours too.

My personal Gmail account – in use for the last 12 years – has 8.85 GB of email messages.

Internet co-inventors such as Vint Cerf, Tim Berners-Lee and Ray Tomlinson provided me with the canvas on which I could begin my professional career that has centred on the commercial use of the Internet. I recognise all of the Internet co-inventors for the roles they played in establishing the Internet – a truly great invention that has had a profound impact on society and the economy.

In 2009, after completing my Masters thesis on Domain Name Usability, I wrote an email to Ray Tomlinson to express my sincere gratitude.

Ray simply replied “Thank you.”

Date: Mon, 09 Nov 2009 09:13:39 -0500
From: Ray Tomlinson
User-Agent: Thunderbird (Windows/20090812)
MIME-Version: 1.0
Subject: Re: Thank you for your role in co-inventing the Internet

Josh Rowe wrote:
> Good Evening Ray,
> We do not know each other. However, I thought it was important to 
> thank you for your role in co-inventing a crucial part of the Internet.
> Internet co-inventors such as yourself, Vint Cerf and Tim Berners-Lee 
> provided me with the canvas on which I could begin my professional 
> career that has centred on the commercial use of the Internet. I 
> recognise all of the Internet co-inventors for the roles they played 
> in establishing the Internet - a truly great invention that has had a 
> profound impact on society and the economy.
> I acknowledged you in my Masters thesis which has just got the final 
> tick from RMIT University - the full thesis (35k words) and a summary 
> (18 page PowerPoint) are available here: 
> <>
> I do not expect you to read my thesis or respond to this email - I 
> understand that you probably receive many requests for your time.
Thank you.

Rest in peace Ray – your contribution to the global economy is recognised.

My thoughts are with your family and friends.

Are .au domain names still relevant?

Post-AGM Update: Two new Demand Class directors were elected.  Congratulations to them both, they are both well credentialed people.

As per my original post, I encourage you to become an auDA member here’s why you should join auDA.

I am standing for election to the .au Domain Administration Ltd board.  auDA members can vote at the annual general meeting.  If you’re not a member here’s why you should join auDA.

My career and passion doesn’t exist without the Internet.

My day job is delivering new online products and services for corporates and startups.  realAs – a real estate industry startup – is my latest commercial venture.

My other experience includes helping businesses like Australia Post, Tarazz and Medibank deliver products and services using the Internet, for 20+ years.

The .au domain name space faces threats:

  • Competition: different ways to navigate the Internet (e.g. search engines, new top level domains, apps, social media)
  • Growth: flat

Does .au policy need to evolve to meet the needs of all .au stakeholders?

Discuss in the comments section below:

Questions & Answers

Question: “You’ve been on the board for the past 14 years, so you’re not quite an outsider looking to be newly elected. What will another term on the Board enable you to do? How does that compare to bringing in new voices into the organisation?”

JR: “To have auDA members re-elect me for 7 terms is humbling and I’ve never taken that for granted.

I have played an active role in delivering significant change during those years including: domain name policy, competition model, domain slamming, and domain monetisation.

The reason I’m standing again is to seek the opportunity to continue to be an energetic and entrepreneurial contributor to the .au domain name space.

One of the key issues which the next auDA board must consider is whether or not to open up .au for direct registrations. This will require a good understanding of policy, stakeholders and how the digital economy is evolving. I believe I tick these three boxes.

That’s not to say new blood on the board is not important, the current board does have a cross section of directors with a good balance of experience and tenure.

I am very passionate about seeing .au succeed locally and globally.

I expect this to be a hotly contested election in demand class – which is a good thing in itself.”