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I am embarrassed

I am an avid and regular reader of many blogs, the knowledge that people share about their life and work is incredibly valuable to me.

I look back at my two blog posts for 2012 and I feel embarrased at the small amount I contributed to the blogosphere.  Of course, I do tweet regularly, but 140 characters limits the information I share.

Therefore, I have decided to start blogging properly.  At a minimum from now on I will blog at a least once a month on topics including business, strategy, eCommerce, family, life, friends, and who knows what else.

Some of the blogs I regularly read include: Trevor Young, Darren Rowse, Justine BloomeSteve Sammartino, Jane MillsValerie Koo, Jim Stewart, Sean CallananeCommerce Outtakes, Simon Pollock, Seth Godin, and many more.

Wish me luck!

Please vote for my photo to help me win 2 x return flights to the UK

Update: thanks for all the support, the competition is closed now (I didn’t win).

I have a 1 in 9 chance of winning 2 x return flights to the UK, all I need is the most votes for my photo here: – do it now & get the people in your house to do the same!


Welcome to Josh’s Sanctum – the personal blog of Josh Rowe from Melbourne, Australia.

In 1995, when the Internet was young, I launched Josh’s Sanctum as a place to share links through the 1995 version of social media – a guestbook.

The 2011 version of Josh’s Sanctum is my personal blog where I intend to share my thoughts on work and life in general.

I don’t know how often I’ll post to this site nor which specific topics I will cover.

Wish me luck!