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Is Tony Hawk a person or a brand?

Tony Hawk is one of the greatest professional skateboarders of all time, I have been following him since I was a kid. I watched him fly through the air at the Australian Grand Prix the other weekend with grace and beauty. The branding for the event was “Tony Hawk and Friends Vert Jam”.

Over the years Hawk has lent his name to video games, amusement park rides, and an expanding digital empire. I asked a young teenage boy beside me at the Grand Prix skate ramp a simple brand question:

“Which came first; Tony Hawk the skater or Tony Hawk the video game?”

The young kid shot back his answer instantly with confidence; “Tony Hawk the video game”.


As far as this kid was concerned, the bloke spinning up gnarly tricks on the vert ramp had just adopted the name Tony Hawk because of a really cool video game.


This week on the Beers, Blokes and Business podcast the blokes give their own first hand experiences of managing their personal and business brands.  Have a listen.

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Disrupting Retail

Beers-Blokes-and-Business-podcastSignificant digital disruption has occurred in the retail industry.

Whilst some businesses have been quick to develop new business models with the aid of technology, others have been slower to adapt their more traditional ways of doing business.

In episode 5 of the Beers, Blokes and Business podcast Sean CallananSteve Sammartino, Jim Stewart and myself share our collective experience on the various retail models which have developed in the digital economy.

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Career Transitions and Curve Jumping

Beers-Blokes-and-Business-podcastEpisode 4 of the Beers, Blokes and Business podcast is out.

I share how my experience of working at McDonalds, studying a Civil Engineering/Business Administration degree and then stumbling across this thing called the Internet in the early 1990s led me where I am working today.  Not exactly a textbook “career path” – if there is ever such a thing.

Have a listen in to myself together with Sean Callanan, Steve Vallas, Steve Sammartino, and Scott Kilmartin.

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Manage that project – side, corporate or crowd funded

Beers-Blokes-and-Business-podcastWe’re up to episode 3 of the Beers, Blokes and Business podcast already.

This week’s topic looks at the wide variety of ways to manage a project, whether you’re doing something solo, start-up, as a small business or at the big end of town.

The blokes sitting around the microphone for this episode are: Sean Callanan, Steve Sammartino, Jim Stewart & myself.

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Beers, Blokes and Business podcast

Beers-Blokes-and-Business-podcastPodcasts (which is a fancy way to describe time-shifted radio) are coming back in a big way.

That spare time you have when commuting, exercising and other down time activities is the perfect time where you can stimulate your brain through your ear buds.

Therefore, I have banded together with a few mates to “tape” our regular (normally private) conversations that we have over a beer with the aim of sharing our collective knowledge and experience with others.

Sean Callanan the SportsGeek is the instigator of the Beers, Blokes and Business podcast and has rounded up the following motley crew: Steve SammartinoJim StewartJames Noble, Luke McCormackSteve VallasScott Kilmartin and myself.

The first podcast topic is about the importance of learning how to learn – we’d love your feedback.

We plan to publish a new episode every week.

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