auDA: play the ball not the man

Last week Jim Stewart, Paul Szyndler, and myself secured more than double the required votes for a Special General Meeting (SGM) of .au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA). auDA is the self-regulatory body for the .au domain name space.

At the proposed SGM, auDA Members will vote on the following resolutions:

  1. Vote of no confidence in Cameron Boardman (CEO)
  2. Removal of Chris Leptos as a Director
  3. Removal of Sandra Hook as a Director
  4. Removal of Suzanne Ewart as a Director

The key issues as to why auDA Members have supported the calling of an SGM are:

  • Direct Registration of .au domain names. Some people are for direct .au domain name registration, and some are against. A business case has been promised by auDA, but not delivered. Then there are the multitudes of registrants that wouldn’t even know it is on the horizon, because auDA hasn’t directly told them of the possibility; and how and why it would work if it was implemented.
  • Communication and Transparency. Since the July 2017 SGM, no lessons have been learnt – auDA continues to exhibit poor communication. There is a lack of transparency about what is actually happening. There is a “whispering campaign” in place to discredit some past staff and management.
  • Good Governance. Why has the auDA board allowed Demand Class members to be under-represented since November 2017? That’s contrary to the auDA Constitution.

Many more issues have been raised.

auDA’s response

Initially auDA CEO, Cameron Boardman, contacted an auDA Member who had signed the petition. The late night call left the Member feeling threatened and concerned after being questioned as to why they had signed the petition for the SGM.

Then auDA Chair, Chris Leptos AM, wrote to Members to report on his “achievements”. The set of dot points did nothing to allay the concerns raised by Members for the SGM. Leptos went on to point the big innuendo stick at all 48 past .au Domain Administration Ltd. directors in a heinous act.

Someone leaked the auDA confidential, PPB advisory report to the media. The unfair targeting of Paul Szyndler is abhorrent. This behaviour is something that you’d expect from a political party, not those associated with regulating the .au domain name space.

auDA: play the ball not the man

For all of the leadership at auDA, play the ball and not the man. The SGM outlines serious issues which must be addressed. Playing the blame game is not constructive.

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