Are .au domain names still relevant?

Post-AGM Update: Two new Demand Class directors were elected.  Congratulations to them both, they are both well credentialed people.

As per my original post, I encourage you to become an auDA member here’s why you should join auDA.

I am standing for election to the .au Domain Administration Ltd board.  auDA members can vote at the annual general meeting.  If you’re not a member here’s why you should join auDA.

My career and passion doesn’t exist without the Internet.

My day job is delivering new online products and services for corporates and startups.  realAs – a real estate industry startup – is my latest commercial venture.

My other experience includes helping businesses like Australia Post, Tarazz and Medibank deliver products and services using the Internet, for 20+ years.

The .au domain name space faces threats:

  • Competition: different ways to navigate the Internet (e.g. search engines, new top level domains, apps, social media)
  • Growth: flat

Does .au policy need to evolve to meet the needs of all .au stakeholders?

Discuss in the comments section below:

Questions & Answers

Question: “You’ve been on the board for the past 14 years, so you’re not quite an outsider looking to be newly elected. What will another term on the Board enable you to do? How does that compare to bringing in new voices into the organisation?”

JR: “To have auDA members re-elect me for 7 terms is humbling and I’ve never taken that for granted.

I have played an active role in delivering significant change during those years including: domain name policy, competition model, domain slamming, and domain monetisation.

The reason I’m standing again is to seek the opportunity to continue to be an energetic and entrepreneurial contributor to the .au domain name space.

One of the key issues which the next auDA board must consider is whether or not to open up .au for direct registrations. This will require a good understanding of policy, stakeholders and how the digital economy is evolving. I believe I tick these three boxes.

That’s not to say new blood on the board is not important, the current board does have a cross section of directors with a good balance of experience and tenure.

I am very passionate about seeing .au succeed locally and globally.

I expect this to be a hotly contested election in demand class – which is a good thing in itself.”


  1. Nathan Jones

    “Threats.” Hmm… Personally, I don’t see growth as a key measure of success. To me, the domain industry should be less about money, selling and profits, and more about serving the needs of the Australian Internet community. It’s only natural for the supply side to seek new opportunities to make money, but I don’t believe it’s auDA’s responsibility to enable that without an equally strong case from the demand side. Anyway, no objections from me to your re-election. .au is important to me, too – look after it! 🙂

  2. Andrew White

    Is your .au domain compliant with registrant eligibility? That would be embarrassing…

    Domain Name:
    Last Modified: 22-May-2015 03:22:06 UTC
    Status: ok
    Registrar Name: TPP Internet

    Registrant: Josh Rowe
    Registrant ID: OTHER 000000000
    Eligibility Type: Other

    • Josh Rowe

      Hi Andrew, yes this does comply with the “Domain Name Eligibility and Allocation Policy Rules for the Open 2LDs”, specifically section “1.3 The policy rules set out in this document do not have retrospective effect. Domain name licences that were granted before implementation of this policy will be ‘grandfathered’ and the registrant will be entitled to renew the licence provided that there has been no change in the registrant’s circumstances that affects their eligibility to hold the domain name licence. For example, if the registrant of a domain name no longer holds the registered business name that they used as a basis for licensing the domain name in the first place.”