Kogan’s 5 click unsubscribe

ruslan koganWhy should email subscriptions be binary?

Most businesses have the option to receive email marketing or not.

This is overly simplistic.

Why not give customers different options for:

  • the type of emails they receive,
  • the frequency of emails and
  • why not even give the option to take an email holiday if customers’ inboxes are overflowing ?

Hat tip to Ruslan Kogan for the 5 click unsubscribe.  This is pure engineering brilliance!



I have been a passionate supporter of opt-in email marketing legislation in Australia and globally.  ACMA has some useful information on how to best comply with the Spam Act.

Update 25 June 2014:

Even though I unsubscribed from Kogan’s email list, Kogan still spammed me silly.  Sigh.

The chief Twitterer at Kogan says I’m unsubscribed again.


  1. minkley

    Not a one off mate, it’s deliberate. Got them to stop for a bit, now they have started up again.

  2. Kurt

    wasnt a one-off. I spoke with their customer service over a 4 month period and still get spammed. Ive got all the evidence and have filed a complaint with ACMA based on advice from linklaters allens.