Social media is irrelevant

social-media-business“Why would I use social media – I only sell wire cables?” asked a business owner at the PeSA Internet Conference last week.

The audience member paused and then continued.

“My cables can be used on yachts, for fishing, on bridges, … “ detailing half a dozen examples of how his product could be used by customers.

The business owner’s commoditised wire cables came alive through his descriptions of how it would be used in amazingly creative and useful ways by customers.

The business owner had pigeon holed his product as a commodity item.  In reality when it was used by the customer it was not just a wire cable.  His product allowed his customers to sail the seas, catch fish and traverse valleys across the most beautifully scenic landscapes.

My response was short and sweet.

“You just provided me with a start to half a dozen blog posts which describe how your product can be used by customers.  It’s just a question of which social media networks are most relevant to share these stories with your current and future customers.”

The business owner smiled. He’d just taken the first step in creating his social media strategy.

Social media is relevant to all businesses.

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