Don’t produce a product you don’t care about

This story has a happy ending, read the whole thing.

Last year I was shocked at the way in which Sensis treated their Yellow Pages product.

In response to this, I unsubscribed from their dead tree books.

Sensis Yellow Pages White Pages Cancellation

However, this year I still received the dead tree book which was once again just thrown onto my front lawn with no care for the product itself.

Don’t produce a product you don’t care about.

… and listen to your customers’ preferences.

Update: Only a few hours after I wrote this blog post a Sensis staffer came to my house to personally pick up the Yellow Pages and apologise.

Things sometimes break and when they do the best thing is to fess up and then move on.  Hat tip to you Sensis team.

and a hat tip to the good people at Sensis and YellowPages