Beers, Blokes and Business podcast

Beers-Blokes-and-Business-podcastPodcasts (which is a fancy way to describe time-shifted radio) are coming back in a big way.

That spare time you have when commuting, exercising and other down time activities is the perfect time where you can stimulate your brain through your ear buds.

Therefore, I have banded together with a few mates to “tape” our regular (normally private) conversations that we have over a beer with the aim of sharing our collective knowledge and experience with others.

Sean Callanan the SportsGeek is the instigator of the Beers, Blokes and Business podcast and has rounded up the following motley crew: Steve SammartinoJim StewartJames Noble, Luke McCormackSteve VallasScott Kilmartin and myself.

The first podcast topic is about the importance of learning how to learn – we’d love your feedback.

We plan to publish a new episode every week.

Listen via iTunes or non-iTunes podcast apps.